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When you are traveling to Phuket for your honeymoon or a long-anticipated vacation, there is always a great temptation to set off on a journey to explore some wonderful tropical islands around. The temptation shall not be resisted!

This time for us the choice has fallen onto PHI PHI ISLANDS.

A fabulous dream: astounding Maya bay, pristine waters of Khai Nok island and secrets of the nature to be discovered.
Our journey has begun with a beautiful scenery of the Royal Phuket Marina - a luxurious port at the central-eastern part of Phuket. Here is where the gracious yachts are resting before their new adventures. The place brightens up with celebrating lights every evening to pamper the guests with exclusive cuisine and excellent service. No need to be worried about the skipped breakfast, the organizers has thought about it all. As soon as you arrive, a generous buffet is waiting to serve your preferences. After we’ve had our morning treats, a smiling guide has walked us through the program of the trip we were about to have. All the questions answered, fins taken and we are boarding the speedboat.​

Have you ever been watching the waves swirling behind the boat’s engines? They are like the great waves manifested under the paintbrush of the Japanese painter, crashing onto each other, forming those slow-motion pictures in the air. The beauty is stilled in the memories. Couldn’t help but admire that view all the way…Sometimes the birds are soaring through the sky’s and the sea’s depth, unusually shaped islands keep popping up at the horizon. And the waves continue dancing their salty pas. Simply mesmerizing.​


The first stop has added greatly on beauty as it has acquainted us with underwater treasures. The boat has stopped in a quiet lagoon with azure-indigo mystery. When you look inside of it through the snorkeling mask, it’s looking back at you with that unmistakable silent admiration. It shows you all the precious beings: fish colored with the brightest image, the corals enchanting you with their shapes and sizes. Even the rocks covered by green velvet-like life seemed to whisper something very important by their existence. And it was just the beginning… Viking cave that guards an ancient writing on it’s walls. Monkey beach with curious little animals who can swim!! Something we wouldn’t expect, for sure. All of the experiences were gradually preparing us for a delicious Thai food lunch at a Muslim village in Phi Phi Don island. Vegetables, chicken, fish, fruits, and beverages were all ready waiting for us to satisfy the hunger and curiosity and give us enough of energy to continue explorations.

And the next stop was, definitely, one of the most breathtaking places one could see around Phuket. The famous Maya Bay that holds the memory of Leonardo di Caprio walking a virgin beach in his movie. The perfect white tender sand, crystal-like transparent water, and magnificent rocks embracing the bay, protecting it from all the unnecessary disturbances. Felt like walking in a dream. I had to hold my breath a couple of times, looking into the eyes of my beloved partner, memorizing this feeling, totally surreal in its nature.

Overwhelmed with emotions of joy and fulfillment, we’ve started moving to our last destination before reaching Phuket. Khai Nok island. A small patch of beauty in the middle of the sea. White corals scattered along the coastline, even whiter sand to touch, slightly bluer water to delve into. Ultimately relaxing, ideally quiet and comfortable in its amenities. We were surprised again with the fresh fruits, drinks and snacks to indulge while looking into the pleasant endless horizon, spilled all around the place. The way back was surprisingly short. Warm with the smiles and new memories to share and to remember. The dream is now living within.

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About Online Phuket Tours

Even the early kick start by the alarm could not spoil my anticipation. “Today I will finally do the RAFTING!!!” - the smile told to the reflection in the mirror. That was the kind of sport I was always watching on TV with a breathless attention, totally captivated by the jumps of the inflated boats and all the splashes around.

“Those people must be some kind of heroes.”

And I was determined to become one of them. The thoughts were discussing the possibility of a great exciting ride. While the other group of mental forms in my head was calming them down: “The rafting is an attraction for the tourists, not for the professionals, nothing to worry about”. I was so excited! The ideas kept on with their discussion even when we came to the magnificently calm big animals with the huge ears…

Have you ever pet an elephant on their head?

Unforgettable feeling, I must say! Especially, when you are sitting on it’s neck, trying to set up a telepathic contact with this alive machine…The cooling shallow stream of water was definitely pleasant for my thick-skinned new giant friend, as she was preferring this path to the other narrow one, where our “elephant driver” was casually walking. This representative of an unusual profession - mahout - was a treat on his own! Smiling with all his brightness, giving some voice commands to his meek listener, he took several stunning photos of mine and delivered me back to the place of gathering, enriched with one more lifetime experience.

The whole tour is smartly organized so you wouldn’t waste your time anywhere, the staff is joggling the activities to help you spend every minute actively with joy. And our next part of the day was Rafting. Safety first, I have chosen a cute looking red helmet and life jacket and we were off. Just the 3 of us, active travelers and 2 half-gods (at the front and at the back of the boat). Why did I call them that way? Because after all the 7 km of the water, bumping into other boats with laughter, being stuck (and, successfully, unstuck) on the underwater rocks, winning the race with the fellow team on another boat and potentially dangerous situation with the flooding of the boat;
I can say those half-gods well deserved their name.

Such a mastery, such an art! Woooohh!!! Even while I am writing this, I am having the goosebumps of excitement!! That trip was absolutely worth it!! No more explanation, I hope you’ll be brave enough to try it yourself! And when we were picked up and brought back, a delicious lunch with traditional Thai dishes was all ready for us. Very thoughtful! Regarding the amount of energy spent that day.

Having satisfied our hunger for food, we continued getting rid of the thirst for adventures. The ATV!!! If somebody told me I would ride any of those bulky cars, crossing the streams and rocky hills in the jungles, where the palm trees are waving hello to the flying by butterflies…
I would think they are kidding me. But I did it!!

It was a bit difficult at the beginning, as, I find, those steering handles were a little wide for my female shoulders. Though by the end of a half an hour challenge I even started liking it! Not as much as I enjoyed swimming with the fish in the natural lake in front of the waterfall (next destination in the program), perhaps.

To top it all, they had a 250 meters Flying Fox cable adventure right above the roaring river with the beautiful rocks!! A must try thing if you were never involved with anything alike.

It felt like half a month or something was spent on active sports that day. The comfortable minivan and a sleepy way home, but not the end of the story. All the monkey admirers had their treat at the Monkey Cave by the end of the day. And all the history and Thai culture lovers could have their moment of quietness in front of the Buddha statue in Suwankuha temple. Just what we all needed after such a roaring good time that day.

About Siam Niramit Show in the media

If you are enjoying your relaxing vacation in Thailand and searching for some cultural pearls it has to offer, yet you still haven’t visited SIAM NIRAMIT, I am ready to start envying you this very moment. As there is an astonishing experience ahead of you. Be prepared to get impressed!

Long before my first encountering with this show and even long before traveling to this tropical paradise country I ran across one article vividly describing a “World Class Performance”. The author spoke about the massive scale show real enough to feel through the history of Siam, as well as to touch upon its soul by admiring the skilled visualization of the people’s believes and culture. “Must be another opinion of an over-imaginative narrator” – I thought that time, but the reality was much more colorful than the anticipation of it. I mean, how could it possibly be otherwise when the enchantment starts at the very entrance, where you are welcomed by the marvelous mythological creatures dressed in sparkling costumes and dazzling smiles?

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And then you travel back in time and through the space to appear in the peaceful rural villages of the central and northern parts of Thailand. You can engage yourself in household activities, taste the simple traditional delicacies or take a picture of yourself in the royally magnificent outfit. Imagine your children’s delight in participating various games with prizes and the interaction with all kinds of animals from the smallest fish to the impressively friendly elephants.

While the anticipation is still cooking inside, you should indulge yourself with a real feast of best Thai and International dishes at the buffet restaurant on the second floor. Traditional appetizers, rich main dishes and curries, abundant exotic fruits and, of course, desserts and pastry will complement your well-spent time with your beloved and dear ones until the polite reminder will bring you back to the outside impressions.

Even though at this point we still haven’t seen the big stage, the show is happening right in front of us! Traditional Thai dancers accompanied by enchanting music are calling the bravest to share the joyful moments. The real Muay Thai fighters are showing their mastery of the Thai boxing ring. The proudly walking elephants are competing with humans in games, generously give riding tours and lazily picking up bananas right from the open palms. The gigantic statue of Naga (the mythological snake of wealth and fortunes) also has a couple of captivating surprises for the visitors.

Without trying to spoil your fun, these are just the glimpses…The main show is yet to begin, remember?

And where do I even start with this? Amazing work of talented directors, choreographers, musicians, decorators and other invisible fairies of behind-the-curtain magicians and the prominent actors and entertainers on the stage can be only summed up with a long-lasting aftertaste of this unique adventure. The journey through the history, the trip beyond imagination and the colorful voyage along the joyful festivals will tell you all and more than you could ever expect even from a Must See Show.

Though don’t take my words for granted! 
I’m so positive about it that I even know you wouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a piece of magic in the form of a Thai craft home with you... 
Ahhh, I’m sure you already want to come back here.
And so do I.


About our Koh Rok Tour in the media

If you appreciate the beauty of unspoiled nature and don't mind a few extra miles to visit somewhere unforgettable I highly recommend KOH ROK island. This pristine joy far off the beaten track has plenty of treasures to share.

The quality and talent are best recognized in details. For this adventure, we were nicely treated by organizers who provided a lush buffet with all kind of Thai and European snacks and drinks to set a great start for our trip. My list of positive points got full already before boarding the boat. A special carpet with pockets to collect the shoes and prevent us from burning our feet under the powerful sun rays? Alright.. And who would have guessed that we would be offered a fresh scoop of ice-cream to shorten the journey along the sea?

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Catamaran went smoothly, almost without shaking, in spite of a windy day. The whipped cream of the waves was splashing up into the blueness of the sky. Distant shapes of Phi Phi islands and Koh Lanta were evoking the memories of previous visits. The sun was high and the guides on the boat were cracking jokes, smilingly showing their attention to guests. Ready to see something special eyes were gazing into the horizon, catching the salty drops of the sea in a reflective surface of sunglasses. Very soon a striking image of magnificent beauty began to appear. 5 islands 5 characters, locals call them Koh Ha. How much prouder rocks could get, standing tall above the deep waters of Andaman sea?

We’ve arrived at an uninhabited Koh Rok, where the palette of an azure dream was hiding a true féerie of colors and forms!! When you just dip your face in a mask under the liquid veil it looked like a fancy ballroom with all the special guests dressed up in their best gowns. There were graceful tiger-like ladies, schooling together. Bizarre loners having all their colors unmatched, boastfully swaying around in their haute couture clearly fishing for some attention! Transparent servants would appear here and there, checking if everything was alright and whether the VIPs desire anything. Silent and brisk to disappear into the color of the sea bottom, as if they've never really existed… I had to go back to the shore to tell my mother what a feast she was missing. And found out it was just about lunchtime. Even though delicacies on the table were no less abundant, I was still yearning to come back under the water to see more.

Our next stop was near Koh Ha. And there…Fancy skinny charmers were flipping their nicely done hair fins to one side or the other, coquettishly nibbling on the rocks. Formless giants - sea cucumbers -obviously knew who owns this place and were leisurely observing the scenery, avoiding participation. There were corals joyfully playing with easygoing orange-white Nemo fish. There were others, much more than stones, they protected the animated stillness of underwater kingdom, benevolently providing food and shelter for the rest of the party. Lucky couples, despite the striking differences, seemed to enjoy the company of each other playing hide and sick. Party lovers with orange lipstick on were jumping here and there, waving their blueish fins for greeting. While modest sports in their striped shirts were speeding from spot to spot, looking for something special.

Fortunately for us, we’ve found our unique impressions! Totally mesmerizing. Absolutely incomparable. The joyful celebration of nature is still sparkling at our memories and in the framed smiles from that incredibly colorful trip!!

The quality and talent are best recognized in details. For this adventure, we were nicely treated by organizers who provided a lush buffet with all kind of Thai and European snacks and drinks to set a great start for our trip. My list of positive points got full already before boarding the boat. A special carpet with pockets to collect the shoes and prevent us from burning our feet under the powerful sun rays? Alright.. And who would have guessed that we would be offered a fresh scoop of ice-cream to shorten the journey along the sea?