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Phuket Royal Marina, Phi Phi Leh Island, Phi Phi Don Island, Khai Nai Island, Maya Bay & Beach, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking Caves, Monkey Beach


To book our tours, please contact us via WhatsApp at +66904902868, or simply click on the WhatsApp logo on our page.


**Discover Phi Phi Islands in Style!**

Our Deluxe tour to Phi Phi Islands and its surroundings stands out as the best-organized tour in Phuket. The difference between our Deluxe tour and other tours is like the difference between royalty and commoners. You'll explore the Phi Phi Islands and its surroundings with the highest quality and most extensive program, luxury, true all-inclusive service, and a premium speedboat, all in the company of a select group of just a maximum 38 people.

During the tour, you'll need to pay an additional 400 THB per person as a national park entrance fee, which is included in our tour price. You can witness the world-famous Phi Phi Islands on our day trip Deluxe tours. Our tour is the most comprehensive, with the widest program, top-notch buffet meals, and the use of the newest boats in Phuket.

Since the tour is tailored for villa customers, your fellow travelers will also be elite individuals.


**A Must-Try Experience**

We strongly recommend and insist that anyone fortunate enough to be holidaying in Phuket should not miss this extensive tour of Phi Phi Islands and its surroundings. Known as Koh Phi Phi in Thai, these islands are a remarkable collection of green and blue hues painted with divine strokes, incomparable beaches with powdery white sand, coral reefs visible even from 20 meters above the water, a myriad of tropical fish, crystal-clear waters, and coves. It's the most famous and worthwhile island group in Thailand.

Before joining this tour, we guarantee that if you rewatch Leonardo DiCaprio's starring role in "The Beach," you will experience a range of different emotions when you set foot on Maya Beach and witness the beauty depicted in the film with your own eyes.

Among the places you'll visit, there are caves that Vikings and pirates historically used to seek refuge and hide from nature's conditions. These caves continue to be regarded as sacred places by the Thai people today.

If you wish to feed the wild monkeys at Monkey Beach, we kindly request that you bring peanuts and bananas with you on their behalf.

You'll find peace on the pristine white beach of Kai Island, and you'll enjoy the unique pleasure of snorkeling in a giant aquarium around Mosquito Island.

After enjoying our clean and delicious buffet meal at the specially selected restaurant on Phi Phi Don Island, you'll have plenty of time for both exploration and swimming.

We wish you a tour filled with guaranteed happiness!

*Note: Pregnant individuals are not allowed on this tour.*

Deluxe Phi Phi Islands Tour

SKU: Code0001
2.200,00 ฿ Regular Price
2.000,00 ฿Sale Price
  • 07.15 - 08.00 Pick up from your hotel and transfer to harbour.

    The exact pick up time; depending on which hotel you stay in.We send your e-mail will be stated on your electronic ticket.

    10.15 Arrive to Maya Beach,which being famous where the movie "The Beach" shooted,swimming,snorkeling and explore the island.

    Sightseeing around 'Phi Phi Lay Island','Loh Samah Bay','Ao Pileh ' and Viking Cave

    11.30 Arrive at 'Phi Phi Don Island',visiting 'Monkey Beach' and 'Tonsai Bay',swimming & snorkeling in crystal clear water and lovely coral with a school of fish.

    12.30 Have lunch on 'Phi Phi Don Island' and free time for exploring the island.

    14.30 Arrive at 'Khai Nai Island'.It's great time for swimming and relax on the beach.

    16.00 Depart from Island to Phuket.

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