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**Crystal Clear Waters, Pristine White Beaches, and Speedboat Adventures**


To book our tours, please contact us via WhatsApp at +66904902868, or simply click on the WhatsApp logo on our page.


If you're looking for a tour that offers crystal clear seas, pristine white beaches, and the thrill of a speedboat, then you're in for a treat! You can choose to visit only Coral Island, but we highly recommend adding Racha Island to your itinerary. This tour is perfect for those who prefer a less challenging alternative to the potentially difficult Phi Phi tour due to weather conditions from June to November. You can also opt to include various sea activities in your tour:

- Scuba Diving: 45 minutes, 1,800 THB per person.
- Sea Walker: 20 minutes, 1,300 THB per person.
- Parasailing: A big tour, 800 THB per person.

The proximity of Hey and Racha Islands to Phuket, along with the short transfer time, makes this tour ideal for those who want to relax on one island without the hassle of a long journey. You'll have plenty of time to wander on the islands' Maldives-like white sandy beaches and swim in their crystal-clear waters, especially after snorkeling among the coral reefs.

Your transfer from the central beaches to the southernmost port of the island will take about half an hour. Then, you'll embark on an enjoyable 35-minute journey with our speedboat, ensuring a pleasant ride with a not-so-crowded group.

After snorkeling among the coral reefs surrounding the islands and observing colorful fish, the boat will drop you off at a pristine beach with white sands and diamond-like waters.

You'll have your meals at a local luxury restaurant on the island, and from there, the island is yours to explore.

The islands you'll visit are so small that you might consider exploring them on foot. However, be cautious not to venture into areas where coconuts might fall, and stick to the paths created by locals.

You can rent sun loungers on the beach, and there are clean toilet and shower facilities right on the beach as well.

The tour is reasonably priced, and even if you're staying at a hotel, you might find that it's more budget-friendly to go on this beautiful island tour that covers two islands. This tour provides the most free time for swimming among all island tours. Due to their proximity to Phuket, you'll spend only a small portion of your time on the road and the rest enjoying the sea, fish, and, if you wish, water sports activities.

Our tour is of high quality.

*Note: Pregnant individuals are not allowed on this tour.*

Hey Island + Racha Island Tour Premium

1.600,00 ฿ Regular Price
1.500,00 ฿Sale Price
  • 08.00 – Start pick up from your Phuket hotel and transfer  via A/C mini van to Chalong bay in the south of Phuket Island.

    09.30 – Boat Departure from Chalong Pier for the Racha & Coral Island Day trip.

    10:00 – Arrival at Raya’s Bungalow Bay. Relaxe on the white sandy beach and time for swimming and snorkeling.

    11.00 – Enjoy Snorkeling & swimming in the tropical waters of Racha Yai Island, at Lar Bay or Siam Bay depending on sea conditions.

    11.45 – Time for a Thai Set Lunch on Racha Yai and time for enjoying the beach at Siam bay.

    13.00 – Unlimited snorkeling at the reef in front of Siam Bay.

    12:30 – Depart from Raya Yai.

    13.00- Visiting Coral Island for snorkeling

    16.00 – Arrival back in Chalong Bay and transfer back to your hotel in Phuket.

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