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Miang Island, Payu Island, Ba-ngu Island, Similan Island

This Tour is of premium quality.

**Similan Island and Its Enchanting Beauty**

Doesn't Similan Island and its surroundings remind you of an elegant necklace, adorned with intriguing massive rock formations, as if each one were a delicate pearl on the necklace of the Phuket Pearl? Take a glance at the pictures, and you'll see what we mean.

When we meet, it might not be the first tour we recommend, and the only reason for that is the rather lengthy road trip to the port. The journey takes approximately 2 hours, which can feel a bit far for those of us who live on the island. However, if you're coming from a bustling metropolis like Istanbul or any other major city, you might be accustomed to spending that much time on the road every day.

The Similan Islands are located in a region called Phang Nga and consist of 11 islands. They've held national park status since 1982, and to preserve their natural beauty to the fullest extent, they are closed to tourists during specific months each year.

The sea is crystal clear, and the beaches have a unique white hue. The natural surroundings of these islands will enchant you instantly, and you'll likely find yourself thinking, "I must be on one of the most beautiful islands in the world."

Various rock formations, diverse coral species, a multitude of fish, and even larger marine creatures will captivate you as you snorkel. Just remember to keep your breath steady while diving.

The Similan Islands are a must-visit when you come to Phuket, and they will become a story you'll share throughout your lifetime—a tale of natural beauty and wonder.


Similan Island Premium Tour

2.900,00 ฿Price
  • 06.30 - 08.00 Pick up from your hotel and transfer to our private pier.

    The exact pick up time will be on your ticket; depending on which hotel you stay in. 

    09.00 Departure to Similan Islands

    10.20 Arrive to Miang Island for walking across island and snorkeling.

    11.30 Enjoy our great buffet lunch.

    12.00 Departure to Payu Island for snorkeling and swimming

    13.00 Departure to Ba-ngu Island for snorkeling and swimming

    14.00 Arrive at Similan Islandfor swimming, snorkeling, relaxing at the beach

    Climbing the viewpoint at Sailing Rock

    15.00 Departue to our private pier.

    16.30 Relax and enjoy with snack, fresh fruit and drink at pier and then transfer to your hotel.

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